Sunday musings

Funny how, when you're on holiday, Sunday evening doesn't seem like quit the death-sentance it usually does with Monday morning looming... :) Which tells me I either need to do a career change, or find a way to be passionately enthusiastic about my current job again. In the meantime though, I can be passionately enthusiastic about the potential that the next three weeks still hold! Woohoo!

So, a few musings...

* I still have camera envy (a bit like penis envy...). Yeah, so I have a nice digital camera, but now I want one with ZOOM. A lot of zoom. The 3x zoom that I have is cool and all, but I find myself wanting to get closer shots of things far away. Perhaps that's why I tend to specialize in macro images of things like raindrops and moss at the moment. I'd also like to have a few more focus and lighting features. I know you can Photoshop the hell out of pics these days, but most of the ones you see here are completely unadjusted - and I like to keep it that way. Which means I should have more options for the shots I take. I also find myself eyeing nude portrait photography - those artistic black and white shots that make you go wow (like this - nudity warning of course). Not that I can persuade any of my friends to pose! Everyone's too shy... :) And there's only so much you can do of yourself (NO, not posting it, don't be silly!) But I'd love to give it a try. And for that I need lighting and focus options too. So one day I'll get a bigger one. For now it's just camera envy.

* Something HUGE and GLASS-FILLED just fell down with a gigantic crash in a nearby flat. Hope it wasn't expensive... I don't hear any screams, so obviously didn't fall on anyone important.

* I wish spammers would get gender-sensitive. If they're going to send me junkmail, I would prefer them not to offer me enlargments for equipment I don't possess! :)

* And talking that kind of equipment, I caught a series called "Mind, Body and Kick-Ass Moves" yesterday - apparently a look at martial-arts type things and how they work. Fascinating stuff. The equipment in question was pulling trucks and lifting 150kg weights. Ow...!

* I'm so looking forward to the arrival of the Landy. But you've already heard a lot about that one, hey. And you'll hear more, much more, later too.

* Learning curve: it takes 4 hours to make 8 large trays of pizza, from scratch (including kneading and rising yeast base) by hand. Most of that time is spent baking them 2 at a time in one small oven. But these little bits of catering bring in cash, and for that I'm grateful.

* Spring is all around. YAY! Unfortunately the approaching cold front has yet to be informed.

OK, that's sufficient mindless drivel for one evening. Let me attempt to get the teen boy into bed before he turns into one huge early-morning grump tomorrow.