...and she's off!

There's nothing like diving into an engine to take one's mind off mundane everyday stuff like Futures and Plans and Goals... :)

Today was Olivia day (still is, just popped in to grab the manual). Took some doing to fire her up though, it seems I need to check a few things (alternator not charging up properly?). Idling is still quite low, timing to be done (but got a timing light and a few other bits courtesy of a friend, who dropped by to peer at things). However, as a fellow Landy owner commented - you start on one thing, and it leads to many other bigger jobs. Before you know it you have to dash to the shops for a part or some oil or end up taking things to pieces. I've managed to avoid the Major jobs so far (the ones that require a very steep learning curve), but I'm getting closer to them.

Anyway, today I sucked up the fear of Big Hills and took Olivia for a lengthy spin, and she's really not bad at all! Those brakes I was worried about are more than adequate and once the idling/charging is sorted we should have no more problems trundling around town and beyond. Far beyond. I'm getting used to how she feels, how she turns, and have sorted out my mirror views so I know where in space and time I'm to be found too. Working on changing down instead of neutral-ing out as I slow, and have nearly gotten used to the gear changes without having to search too much.

Funny thing was after a bit of Olivia I jumped in the Ford for a quick rolls-for-lunch trip to the nearest shop, and the Ford felt weird to drive! :) I struggled with the accelorator and the gears felt slippery. If nothing else, swapping between vehicles is certainly going to keep my concentration up!

After this stint around a few km's, I've got my confidence back. And stand amazed at how guys on mountain bikes will stop and stare as you go past.... hehe... :)