Back to the Grindstone...

It's back to work for me today, after a whole month's leave! I haven't been here 10 minutes and already the noise is getting to me... :)

You see, my office fronts onto a busy foot-traffic area of the building, and most who pass by are of the "not whispering" type. Add in wooden floors in this building, and it's like a herd of hard-of-hearing elephants are passing by every hour.

I really enjoyed the peace and quiet I had during the mornings while on leave. Taking my time over breakfast (instead of forcing down some food while still half-asleep, so I don't starve later). Time to spend outdoors or indoors - reading or writing - the freedom to come and go as I pleased. I've realized how little I enjoy being chained to a desk for set hours every day... I'm not high up enough in the organization to work odd hours, or work from home one day a week (as some do).

But on the other hand I'm thankful for employment and a regular salary coming in. For no commute, for the almost rural area I live and work in, and my endless views. Today it's going to be lovely and hot, almost summery! My office has close to full-length windows and the sun will stream in for most of the day. It's a touch of the outdoors, even if I don't get to actually be outside for long.

So back to the grindstone. At least 500 unread emails. A pile of post and stuff waiting to go through. Messages on my phone.

Deep breath. Plunging in!