Interpreter of Dreams

I've been plagued by the strangest dreams lately! Well - not plagued as much as just finding myself dreaming things every night that seem to follow along a particular theme.

They say that dreams are your brain's way of processing all the thoughts, worries, plans, events and experiences of the day. While your body is in rest mode, the brain kicks in to sort the information and make sense of it. That's probably why the most brilliant ideas happen in those seconds before you fall asleep - unfortunately most of them are forgotten by morning!

If I were to go on the above theory of day-processing, I may start to worry about the content of my dreams and what it says about the subconcious head-space I'm in! What I dream is certainly not things I'd usually do or even consider doing during daylight hours. They involve surprising people and situations, completely disconnected from reality.

Perhaps they're mere expressions of needs and desires under the surface, things I didn't know I wanted or needed. Those that I can remember in the morning have me dissecting each one, picking apart what makes sense and can be confirmed from what is just fantasy filling in the blanks.

Whatever they're caused by, they're not nightmares. For that I'm thankful! During times of extreme stress or uncertainty I've had one recurring very bad dream, the kind that has you gasping in your sleep and scared to wake up in case it's true - but that hasn't happened for many years.

There are some dreams I'm tempted to act on - to probe into real life and see if they stand up to questioning. I know better than to do that though. They're really all just in my head, waymarks of thought to point me toward some introspection or perhaps a lightbulb moment. They inhabit the dark, the imagination, the back shelves of my brain. Most would shrivel into colourless imitations of themselves if exposed to reality.

In the meantime I'm kinda enjoying my mind-cinema and what it produces each night. Pretty entertaining stuff! :-)