This has to be the most laid-back festive season I've ever had. Mostly, I just couldn't be bothered! :-) The decorations and (fake) tree are staying in storage, the presents have been left to the very last minute (still one thing to find - but I also seem to have forgotten a few folk on the way), and I'm not rushing around trying to accomplish a million and one things before the end of the year.

What's different this year? I dunno - apathy perhaps, or I'm festively worn-out after years of effort. I haven't done any kind of Xmas baking, though I do need to do the vegetarian turkey later in the week (a tradition at the various meals-with-relatives, and takes so long to make that it only gets done once a year anyway). I've done minimal just about everything! It may have something to do with not taking any leave around now. I've transferred my last 7 day's worth to next year, so am working right up to this weekend - next week offices are closed, but I'm back to full-day on 2 January. I haven't had the off-time to occupy myself with whatever I could have been doing. With guests arriving just after Xmas, my focus has been more on preparing for them than for the 25th. Though I haven't done much of that either.

I'm just completely mellow. No guilt over not having done anything. No urge to up the schedule and make any effort. No large to-do lists. Nothing whatsoever.

And I like it! It's much better than rushing here and there, putting up things that only have to be taken down again shortly thereafter, using up huge amounts of cash on stuff for us and others, or braving the madness of the mall.

I'm thinking about a couple of new traditions for the festive seasons from here on out - ones that don't involve the general insanity that has become Xmas time. Not quite sure what that will look like yet, but the brain's ticking over...