Empty House

It's back to just the two of us (and dogs and fish) at home. This morning I dropped Mandy off at the place where a backpackers bus should (hopefully) have picked her up for the next stage of her adventure.

It's been really great having her around - and the house is going to seem awfully empty.. :-) I've gotten used to long chats on the verandah, drink in hand, while the sun went down, laughing until my sides hurt and hearing the coffee machine at work in the mornings again.

I've enjoyed being a tourist in my own backyard too, taking a new look at things I take for granted.

Anyway, last night we were sitting around, enjoying the sunset, and noticed some strange sunbeams in the sky, well after the sun went down. Probably a result of ice-crystals in the upper atmosphere, but they were pretty cool. Here they are:

She really shouldn't have, but Mandy left me a full tank of petrol, a pamper-session of bath goodies, a JOURNAL (yay!) - and more than a little something tucked away in it toward my Landy Club fees...! I'm completely blown away. I should have paid her for the pleasure of her company, not be getting such awesome prezzies. Wow.