Small World

So what happens when there's an undersea earthquake near China that destroys thousands of domain names along with a few bottom-of-the-ocean cables?

Well - things end up being redirected and your internet keeps coming and going, that's what! Apparently servers elsewhere have taken over the load and are showing strain.

Which makes for some pretty frustrating online experiences - just as you start to load something, it disappears. Or hangs. Or logs you out. And it's likely to continue for a few weeks.

I'm amazed how one incident can affect our whole planet - and that's just with the internet thing. When you think about it, we're really just a small ball of rock in an immense universe. What we do today ripples down through time and space, or sideways to others huddled on this hurtling planet. The smallest actions can have quite a big effect!

And while I was pondering this, I started to think about how events have formed the person I am today. What if I hadn't gone to study Food Technology after school - I'd never have worked at Vergelegen as a cheesemaker. I'd never have been made redundant nor ended up here. What if I hadn't turned back to say hi to someone who was checking me out? I wouldn't have met my son's father... and life would have veered off in a completely different direction. There's people I know who have had some impact on me in ways so subtle that I couldn't put my finger on it - yet they've helped to form who I am. Things I've read and seen, experiences I've had - all contribute to who I am this second.

And who I am constantly interacts with those around me - through my daily life, through these words on your screen, and through choices I make. Something I may say or do could send change-waves into other's lives in ways I couldn't imagine.

It's a very small world, if you think about it!