When the Universe speaks

It recently struck me (rather hard) that I need to come up with about R50,000 before August this year. Which is kinda more than I get out of my salary in an entire year! :-) But this is not a pay-gripe post.

Instead it's an acknowledgement of what happens when you open up your heart, your ears and your hands to what is waiting to fall into your lap. If you will but notice.

This morning it was a colleague, bringing an article from the SAfrican version of Oprah magazine - a personal account of a woman who has walked the Camino. She added a different perspective to many I've read, one that hit a nerve in my head. A good friend mentioned the Camino this weekend too, though we hadn't spoken of it in ages - all indicators for me to keep it in sight. This week a request for 2 months of "spiritual sabbatical" goes in to the bosses - failing their approval, I still have the option for unpaid leave. (All I have to figure out is teencare, but I have a feeling that will work itself out too, all in good time)

The video I posted this morning connected with a part of me that says "why the hell not" to experiencing life while I'm still alive to do so. Awakened those never-really-dormant itchy feet that want to tread the planet while it's still here to see, find the wild places while they're still wild, sit in silence while there is still silence to be found, and marvel at natural wonders before greed crumbles them all. There's still a to-hell-with-it seed in the brain that says my son would benefit much more from exposure to the world at large than a classroom desk, and whispers we will survive taking the risk.

Finally a chat with the mega-boss this afternoon brought out some pretty awesome options to meet my rather daunting financial goals. There are opportunities jumping up to smack me on the forehead wherever I turn.

I could take this all as co-incidence. I could shrug and say "if only I could". Instead I'm opening my hands and saying thank-you for these Universal gifts, a shove down the right road toward dreams I never thought I'd accomplish. It's a shout in my ear that I'm headed in the right direction, a prod in the backside not to give up.

And it's exciting stuff!!!