Behind the scenes

There are things afoot. I can't say much, but change is in the wind. Watch this space! :-)

In other news - I am really glad it's the weekend. For some reason I'm totally bombed tonight, ready to climb right into bed and sleep all weekend. Maybe 'cos I didn't take that sick day I really really needed this week, but pushed through (over-inflated sense of duty kicks in as usual). Or because I'm balancing too many things in the air at the moment, not willing to let any fall.

Also behind the scenes, the quest for Pants is finally at an end. Only one shop stocks things for Real Women, and it's the pricey shop. But it's good quality and it will last for a while. Here's to comfortable, good-looking pants - that stretch! :-)

And finally, behind the scenes, I'm suddenly finding myself not only listening to, but enjoying rather mushy hearts-and-roses type songs. I wonder why that is?