Comfort Food

Winter is perfect for comfort food. So are those moments when you need "comforting"! :-) But comfort food isn't the same for everyone.

Some indulge in chocolate and sweets.

Some carbo-load.

Me - well I like the savoury stuff. A thick tomato/veg soup with fresh hot bread, real butter slathered on great big chunks of it. Curry and rice. Pita-pizza topped with garlic, rosemary, feta and olive oil - hot out of the oven (and home-made of course, from scratch).

Tonight it was my absolute favourite. Here's how you do it:

1. Butter a slice of bread. Top with a few slices of your favourite really good cheddar cheese (uncoloured, tangy and melts beautifully).
2. Top that with sliced sweet & sour cucumber-pickles (no, put those yukky dill things away).
3. Butter another slice, and place that face-down on top of the pickles.
4. Slather the other side of slice 2 with butter. Add another layer of cheese.
5. Butter a third slice, stick it face-down on the cheese layer and give it a bit of a press to meld the thing together. In other words you now have a triple-decker cheese & pickle sarmie.
6. Now stick that in the microwave for precisely one minute, until the cheese melts and the pickles are piping.

THAT'S comfort food!

(and so is the Rooibos Chai I'm finishing off with)