A good laugh

I got stuck into comedy mode last night after Rodney posted a Weird Al vid on his blog (funny, but just after I posted a link to Seth's site, I see he has one too! Great minds think alike). I hauled out a whole pile more from YouTube and gave my stomach muscles a good working.

And then watched the Borat movie..

Oh.My.Goodness. I haven't laughed that hard or continuously in a very long time. Granted, it has a few dodgy bits and some rather colourful language, but it's hilarious. Big up's to Sasha - I don't think I could run naked through a formal dinner chasing a fat (naked) bloke myself! :-) I have no idea how he got away with half the stuff he did without being firmly plonked in a forgotten jail somewhere. He managed to bring out the best and the worst in so many of the ordinary folk he ran across. And there were some things that just couldn't have been predicted, but worked out perfectly (horse at rodeo..).

If you haven't seen it yet, do go give it a squiz. Unless you take offence easily, you won't regret it!