On Repeat

Everywhere I look, the blogosphere is filled with only two things - Valentine's Day or the South African Blog Awards 2007 - repeated over and over and...

Valentine's Day
Well I don't have too much to say on this one. I have a small plan afoot which may or may not be a good idea - but nothing ventured, nothing gained... and it's about time I ventured.

In the meantime cyberspace is filled with hints and tips, anything under the sun that has to do with things remotely romantic. I doubt I could add to that, considering my recent track record! :-)

South African Blog Awards 2007
..are open for submissions. I'm not going to get into any shameless self-promoting, at all. Quite honestly, I don't consider myself fighting in the big leagues for any honours - and they don't have a "Copious Amount of Nonsense 2007" category anyway.

But do go and submit your favourite South Africans to the list while there's still time! There are categories for everything! (Except BS)

Now that I've joined the Repeat crowd, had my say on the most popular two topics, I'm off to find something new to blog about.. :-)