Point of Collapse

I think I've hit the wall today. After months of slog at work without any real break, after having a lot of stuff piling up in the head, I'm finally getting to a point where I'm needing rest. Physical rest, mental rest - and that usually culminates in forced sick leave.

I can feel it coming. Headache, every muscle tired, no urge to do much of anything. I haven't helped matters much by skipping the last 4 suppers (but just haven't been hungry).

It's not a good time to start feeling yukky - I have to push through at work until at least the 12th of Feb, as I'm still an essential cog for now (the rest of the year, not so essential). But today it's a Saturday, and the one day each week I try to make a complete and utter blank day. No plans, no appointments, no work, no nothing.

A good day, in other words, to spend in bed with a book. Or in bed sleeping. Or at the very least curled up somewhere in my slippers - sans make-up, sans restricting clothing, just relaxing.

Which is precisely what I'm going to go do. Before I have no choice in the matter.