Snippets - Monday

* There's nothing like the threat of change to light a fire under your butt and get you finishing all that stuff you've put off or neglected.

* There's nothing like the the threat of change to have you eyeing cardboard boxes and wondering how many it would take to put your entire house into them. Or how many car trips it would take to move it all, and whether a piano would fit in the Landy (probably not).

* There is something like too much wine and not enough chocolate. Not that I know anything about it - I'm just pondering :-)

* If home is where the heart is, can home be a place where you've never been? Can home be someone, and not some place?

* Sometimes one can think too much. At such times it's good to take a long walk or park oneself in front of CSI. Or close your eyes and jump.

* How can clouds be so incredibly pink - a colour no camera or brush will ever capture?

* Cheese and pickle sandwiches two nights in a row may produce strange dreams involving unlikely people and weird situations two nights in a row. Marmite sandwiches tonight will hopefully not.