Techonology doesn't like me

In the past 2 days I have been sukkeling with Technology. I've spent a frustrating entire day trying to access a remote ftp server and upload a site. I've had a login for online access fail me unexplainedly. I've had a network cable completely give up working, denying me access of any kind to anything!

I'm starting to wonder if I've done something to anger Technology. If perhaps I've used up more than my fair share of online time for my allotted lifspan, or defragmented my machines just one time too many. Maybe I tripped over a power supply once and have never been forgiven for it.

Whatever - Technology is now punishing me. Making me pay in grey hairs and stressed out shoulders - and there isn't even a sweet young thing in sight whom I could hire to unstress them! :-)

Damn you, Technology. Or perhaps I shouldn't say that out loud. Especially not on a glowing screen.