The trouble with small gadgety things

Forgive me if you're one of the two people I've told this sad tale to already... :-)

Yesterday I got up early and went grocery shopping, to avoid the usual Sunday crowds. As I got back to the car with a trolley-load of goodies and threw a large bag of dogfood in the boot, I suddenly noticed my cellphone storage pouch on the handbag was open - and the cellphone missing!

It's one of those really silly storage pouches. Not up-and-down, but you slide the phone in sideways, and it's closed with velcro (which doesn't always close too well). It's on the outside of the bag, so is always getting caught on things or deciding to open at the wrong moment and dumping my poor phone out. It's easy to pick-pocket the thing if I'm standing around anywhere.

So when I noticed the phone gone, I hit panic mode. Ran back into the mall (leaving the car unlocked! oops), checking all the way where I'd walked to see if by some chance the phone was still lying around and hadn't been snapped up by "a lucky shopper".


Nothing at the till where I paid, nothing anywhere. Back the car - still nothing. Looked under it, in it.. nothing! Checked the boot. Still nothing. Oh hell... I can't afford to lose the phone!!!

And then I noticed a sliver of silver, way down between the spare tyre and the hollow it's stored in, in the boot. The darn phone fell out while I was chucking the dogfood in! Sjoe. Major relief.

Needless to say, top of my shopping list now is a new handbag - big enough to comfortably take all a woman needs (including digital camera). One with cellphone storage INSIDE it.