The mountains are knife-edge sharp against the sky this morning. There's a nip in the air (though the day promises to be quite warm) and the breeze has put paid to any haze that thought it might hang around. Looking out my early-morning office window everything is clear and bright.

Wish my head would do that too. I obviously didn't get enough rest last night. Following on from my last late-night post my brain's still slightly befuddled. I find myself wondering if I'm doing the right thing, if my gut can be trusted on some stuff, if I'm being too bold or too confident in what I think I know. I can't seem to figure my train of thought out too well at times.

This too shall pass. Befuddlement will clear up with some deep breaths and a bit of distraction. Such as the big job that's awaiting my attention today... No time to be too befuddled on that one. I'm simply going to have to shed whatever strange head-space I've hit and get on with it.