I've just had the weirdest experience... and having had it sitting right in front of this screen it translates directly into the latest blog-post! :-) (as do way too many things in my life)

I'd been thinking about someone on the other end of the planet, and found myself thinking extra-hard, almost as if I were trying to send some "mind-waves" over the distance. My eyes dropped closed and within seconds everything around me faded completely away. My breathing deepened to way beyond normal, and it almost felt as if I were pushing energy across space and time to the person I was thinking about!

I've read a lot of articles about the power of thought. How you literally create the vibe around you in the world, how your energy interacts in ways yet to be fully understood with the world around you, and with others on the planet. How thought and emotion can travel over distance - and how dangerous it can be to hate, simply for that reason. I know there are things we humans can't grasp - I'm starting to wonder if this mysterious thought/action/brain-wave thing is part of it. Whether one can project a feeling across the surface of the world, carrying thought into the subconcious of another.

Did they feel it? I have no idea - perhaps it was all in my head. But I think that's the closest I've ever come to dropping into meditation-mode! And a whole lot easier to achieve than I imagined...