Extremely random

Let's all say it together, shall we? "Never blog when you're..."

Oh, whatever.

So I'm sitting here with a reasonably blank brain - a good thing on a Saturday night - and it strikes me. There are some people on this planet that just completely make me smile. A single word, and I'm grinning. For a very long time. How lekker is that?

And it also strikes me - life is pretty darn good. Whether it's going crappy or not in terms of some or other disaster, life is still good. If it's based on a deep-down sense of happiness and/or contentment, how can it not be?

And it strikes me - in addition - that I'm liking where I'm at more and more. I'm more at peace than I've ever been, more settled inside, more willing to accept the gifts of the universe with open hands, and less quick to judge others. Cool. Even if life is kinda in Big Change mode right now. ESPECIALLY with life in Big Change mode.

And it strikes me - repeatedly - that I know some pretty awesome people. One exceptionally awesome person that stands out from the rest and gives me the warm fuzzies constantly. Daily. Hourly. Keeps me up at night getting warm fuzzies.

But then again - never blog when you're..

Oh, forget it.