Full & Empty

I've got a full mind, lots going on in there - but this blog is a little empty of late... sorry if you came here looking for reading matter!

Truth is I'm rushing around like crazy, still trying to find a house (time is seriously running out, we may have to live in the Landy..), finishing off the 3rd-last day of work here (last Friday afternoon off I'll be getting!), trying to keep tabs on everything that needs sorting out, remembering, doing. And when I do sit down at the computer, it's to spend some online time with a rather remarkable person who happily consumes a good deal of each day and most of my thoughts.

Inspiration is lacking. Photography has fallen by the wayside (other than how-to's on fixing vehicles). Words have ended up used elsewhere. My brain's still somewhat fogged and ears blocked after being ill earlier this week - makes for a sweetly silent day!

Blogging in earnest will resume. One day.. But today is not that day.