Right, so it's Friday. Hallelujah and amen.


I feel like my working week's only just getting going! I've got quite a busy day at work ahead, with a big job to finish off and a meeting in town mid-day. Right after work I have to go do a "hand-over", ie get the keys to our new house, do a walk-through, make sure everything's OK etc. And then try find out where the heck they sell pre-paid electricity.

Back home I have a hand-over of another kind. Our lone goldfish is being rehomed, with tank. And the tank needs a clean. So need to sort that out right away, and take poor Fishy in a bag to the neighbours. They'll fill up his tank and set him free again.

In the meantime, my dad's out from Australia for a month, and will be staying with us for a while. Amid boxes and other half-packed possessions! Thank goodness for inflateable mattresses. And extra hands to help move.. :-)

Talking of which, the truck arrives 8:00 on Sunday morning. I suspect there will be little rest this weekend. I've got some fine planning to do to accomplish all my usual weekend tasks (washing) AND still move in to a new place. I think I'm going to be glad to come to work and "rest" on Monday!!!

Next weekend the family is going away. Except for me. I've decided to stay home and sort out the loose ends of the move, do dog-sitting, and perhaps take a breather. Home alone in a brand new house for an entire long weekend. I was thinking that it's the first time I've done that, been on my own for that long, since my son was born! That's nearly 14 years..! Sjoe.

Right now though it's back to the grindstone in a big way. One task at a time, one foot in front of the other - only way to do this.