I've got a pretty lively imagination.

It's a good thing at times - it gives me scope to dream and fantasize, to picture what can be and provide goals to aim at.

It's a bad thing at other times - when I start to wonder if my reality may be all in my head. If the things I think actually exist at all.

So sometimes I find myself in a weird headspace. If I let my imagination loose I can believe all sorts of things! But Miss Logical in the back of my brain says, "sure it's not all just in your head?". Truth is, vascillating between these could drive me somewhat crazy. It's not a good idea at all.

So what to do?

Generally speaking I tend to just go with the wild stuff. To believe that such things are indeed possible. Sometimes it means I come crashing down, break a couple bones, have illusions sorely shattered, "brought back to earth" with a bang. Sometimes it means I soar..

It's that feeling of flight that makes the tumbles all worth it. That keep me from sticking my imagination into a dusty box on a high shelf and forgetting it. That keep me dreaming and hoping and wondering. That feed optimism and contentment, a hold-on-and-enjoy-the-ride.

So I think I'm going to kick Miss Logical out a bit and let my imagination simply play.