It all adds up

I'm starting to realize how VERY expensive it is to get renting/moving/set up in a new place.

First there's the double-rent thing, and if you're working through an agent they slap on a few hundred extra. Currently that would equal about 2,5 times what my salary has been (not what I get out of my salary..), so I'm doing some serious barrel scraping.

Then there's phone lines, ADSL (who could ever live without internet??!!) installation - and the Long Wait that is Telkom. OH, add in an ISP and hope you can live with it. For a in-the-meantime plan there's wireless, which requires a router (well, ADSL will too, so may as well get the darn thing). I'd really REALLY like free internet, just streaming magically on to my screen with no extra gadgets required. Is that too much to ask? :-)

Moving - sjoe. Commuting - double-sjoe (and why is my engine suddenly feeling a little "rough"?). Lift clubs, school drop-offs... more sjoe.

There are moments where I wonder if I'm going to cope. Really. I'm sure I'll get it right, but sometimes I'm white-knuckle scared that it's not going to work out.

Yeah - welcome to the Big Bad World and all that. I know. I've probably lived a horribly sheltered existance up to now. It's just a bit of a shock to realize what this is taking out of me, financially, emotionally, time-wise, effort-wise, and figuring-out-loose-ends wise.

Do we have a house? Um.. not quite. I'm going to make one more drive for something more affordable and closer to the high-school bus route before I commit finally.