Off to a good start

This morning early I dashed down to the nearest shop to pick up our local newspaper, as the quest for accommodation continues. And I think I've found it...

In fact it's everything I want in a house! Right place, right size, pet-friendly, surrounded by nature, secure enough - perfect.

Perhaps I'm not very wise, but I do a lot of things on gut-feel. I bought a Landy on gut-feel, knowing it was just right for me (and only that one, none other!). I've done a career change on gut-feel, knowing it was the right time, the right place - scary as it has been to dive in to something completely new. I've forged connections on gut-feel, people I just know are going to enrich my life in huge ways. Housing - same story. The house I saw earlier in the week didn't have a connection-vibe that said "right for you" (and it really sucked). This one does - it feels right. I'm really hoping we get it! I'll be going to see it this weekend, and then the big move happens.

On a related note: on my way back from the shop I realized that two weeks from today I'm going to be stuck in traffic first thing in the morning... A whole new life.