Out & About

I have a great urge today to go cherry-picking. Or have a picnic in an orchard. Or sit around in the sun with platters of cheese and veggies and something good to drink.

I've got an urge to produce copious amounts of great slow food that a crowd can linger over, to home-cure olives and turn the mid-season strawberries into the best jam you've ever tasted or smelt. To bake crusty home-shaped loaves of bread and devour them with fresh butter and a couple of dip-happy side dishes. To have a jug of home-made lemonade permanently on stand-by, ice clinking against the sides and a couple of mint leaves floating on top. To spend days in the fresh air, increasing the freckles on my nose and breathing deeply of warm grass and leaves. To fire up the braai and get the potato salad going. To doze in the sunlight under dappled shade of a big tree while turtle doves coo and the slightest breeze ripples by. To feel the heat and breathe the dusty air of my grandfather's farm (before it's too late - before they sell it to a developer) or hang out at a secluded Cape cove watching whales breach nearby.

I think it's the summer air. It's warm and still outside after a few days of wind. Tomorrow's going to be even better weather, and my brain's headed to thoughts of light clothing, days lazing outdoors, legs that don't glow in the dark.

Summer? Bring it on.