"Hier kom 'n ding"...

This morning we dropped off a rather grumpy child at a local signwriter's place of business. Favourite Man has organized him a holiday job at a place that uses two of his skills - computers and art - but the kid isn't exactly pleased about it.

He likes his free holidays. Lazing in bed until 10, then spending the entire day online with his door closed, shut off in what's commonly known as the "bat cave", curtains drawn, window closed, only coming out to attack the bread and peanut butter. Typical teen? Perhaps - but both Favourite Man and I grew up differently, running "free" in the great outdoors. And I like to think we're the better for it.

So no more sleeping in for the kid this holiday. Or at least until the business closes down for the festive season just before Xmas.

And he wasn't happy this morning. Up early, packed lunch, dropped off with strangers. Lucky for him they have a bit of a blank day ahead, with not much going on at the signwriters for some reason. Yesterday they were all running around like chickens without heads.

Yes, he may get a bit of cash for his presence - though he's below the employable age so can't get a salary, just a "tip" on their good graces. Yes, he'll get valuable experience and a shot at the real world. Yes, he'll get out and about, and meet new people, learn new things.

But this morning he was very very grumpy. I only hope he pulls his socks up and puts in his best effort for this one. That he doesn't chuck it in and walk home after mere hours (I dread receiving a frustrated email from Favourite Man telling me just that). That he sees this as the fantastic opportunity to get going in life that it is.

Holding thumbs, but "hier kom 'n ding"....

A surruptitious checking-in by Favourite Man has surprised us both - the kid's doing OK! We await a full report later.