unFestive - take 2

Right, so I've decided to pull up my unFestive (Xmas)socks and make a plan. As of this morning I have a couple of wishlists covered with regard to gifts. Things that won't take a million bucks but will require some effort on my part. Things that may actually be appreciated by those who receive them, and not relegated to the back of the cupboard. They may not last too long, but they're gifts nonetheless and you won't find them in the shops. You won't find me in the shops either - bar a quick dash to only one of them to cover the required bits & pieces.

Of course the hardest folk to give to are those you love the most. Favourite Man and son are precisely that. One wants everything under the sun and the other can't tell me what he wants - no prizes guessing who is who. Those two WILL require more than a single shop, but heaven alone knows which one I should aim for.

As to the decorations, well I got home yesterday to find my son sorting ornaments. I guess I'll leave that side of the festive season up to him. I'll bake a few things, I'll make a few things, and I'll sing an Xmas carol if I really really have to.

See, I can be festive if I put my mind to it. Sorta :-)