I can virtually time my energy cycles these days. Today it's back to high-energy go-go-go on a multi-tasking to-do list (with a blog post building in the background, a chat in progress and 6 work screens open - no wonder my computer's groaning!). My mind is dashing ahead to what's up next while my fingers are still busy with the last job.

A few days ago I was in collapse-mode. This past weekend found me so exhausted that I had to bite my tongue not to snap at folk (and sometimes it didn't quite work). I dragged msyelf up the to-do list in a fug of going through the motions. I just wanted to sleep, to rest, in peace and quiet. A dramatic change from the powering-on mode a week earlier.

And now it's on the upswing again. I'm absorbing inspiration and ideas like a sponge. I'm working flat-out on everything at the same time, and getting it right.

So here's the plan. I need to start to work with, not against, my energy cycle. On days like today, I need to power through as much as I can. And then when those down-days hit, I need to rest - not push myself. There's no use fighting nature, and living with rhythm is a very good thing indeed.