It's been that kind of day - where I'm trying to keep tabs on so many things that my (already-blonde) brain keeps flitting from item to item without settling fully on any one thing.

So I've adopted what Favourite Man always urges me to do in this kind of situation. One thing at a time.

I started the day compiling a concrete to-do list and have been stolidly checking off items as I go. Not only has that helped me focus on a task at a time, but I get a real kick out of seeing things crossed off my list. Done and dusted.

OK, this is just the working-hours list; there's another whole after-hours one awaiting my attention, but that's what pens and paper are for. I have yet to find a multiple-computer organization system that works for me (perhaps I haven't delved sufficiently into Google Calendar? - mostly because it takes too long to load!), so the notebook goes where I go, and the pen is ever-handy. With that system I have a reference point too for phone numbers, for cash amounts, for email addresses and what I've done when. It becomes a bit of a journal of accomplishments, an easy place to find historical info.

Today it's been my saving grace. It's collected my scatterbrain onto one page, narrowed down my thoughts into goal-driven steps, and kept me on the straight and narrow. Almost. I still veer off into Googling stuff or typing stuff or between-the-lines to-do's that are somewhat related to the official list - but it's a very good start.

Now if only I could clone myself...