She's a Maniac

I've been here at work for an hour and a half - and I have accomplished more in that time than I'm likely to during all the remaining hours of the day!

Although I don't like facing a half-dark commute or peering bleary-eyed at myself in the mirror while applying the daily war paint, there's much to be said for productive use of those first few hours of the day. Not only are you fresh out the starting blocks (well, usually.... at the very least you're fresh out of the duvet), but you get a first foot in the door with businesses, banks, colleagues etc who are just starting to fire up their daily systems. You're first in line, so you get dealt with quickly. And you get to sort out issues before your courage runs out too.

Then, while everyone else is still starting up their computers and pondering their working day, you get to take your first coffee break, knowing you've powered through enough stuff to end the day winding down - not up.

Here's to non-proctrastination! And a big cup of proper filter coffee.