On Wednesday night Favourite Man opened the fridge downstairs - and all three computers in our room upstairs went off! Thinking it was an Eskom glitch, we restarted everything. A few minutes later he opened the fridge door - and my son's computer went off!


Yesterday Favourite Man and The Kid had showers in rapidly-cooling water. Seems we had a geyser (hot water heater) issue. A breaking-down element was responsible for all the electric problems.

By last night there was no heat left in the water at all. I needed to get clean - but there was no way I was going to take a cold shower. Had to do a cold-water hair wash and then gingerly dab at the rest with soap on a cold facecloth. Not fun :-)

Well the plumber is out today. The plumber thinks he knows better than anyone, and has managed to trip the mains.... Eish.

I really hope we'll have hot water tonight. AND for the two long weekends ahead! Funny how these things always happen at inconvenient times.