Kashmir. The very name breathes a hint of adventure, of hidden and undiscovered places, of towering mountains, of the exotic. Just that single word conjures up itchy feet. You can tell I'm due for a bit of leave, right? :-)

I have this overwhelming urge today to travel - to get out and see places, to explore and experience and photograph. To document the world around me in word, picture and memory, to get up to my eyeballs into the yet-unseen.

I've been nose to grindstone for a good while now. Even "breaks" are filled with the tasks that get neglected while I go flat-out on essential stuff. And I guess that's why I'm craving the exotic, travel, adventure, new experiences.

For a couple of months we've been very much home-based, even on weekends. We've been working hard on Cape Connect (with its associated Classifieds) and Olivia in turns. Spare moments turn into late nights as we churn our way through the to-do list.

But it can't last forever - and we do need a change of scene now and then. Kashmir would be a lovely option (so would Paris, Shark Bay, Chile, or Tunisia), but failing that there are so many places close to home to explore! Hell, we live in the Cape, and I haven't seen half the back roads yet.

I've got a spot of leave coming up in a week's time. Thanks to a slew of public holidays, I've got 9 days to play around with for a minimum investment of 2 days off work. Perhaps I won't be heading to Kashmir, but I definitely will be getting out and about!

Better charge up those camera batteries.