But Where?

It's an endless round of bad news these days, everwhere you look. Tito's putting up rates again, the fuel prices are rocketing, the food prices are hot on their heels. Xenophobia. Economy. Incompetence and lack of service from banks, big business, even the small shop down the road. 12 years of education gets you a worthless certificate that isn't recognized outside the borders - and sometimes not within them either.

In short, it's doom and gloom in South Africa. One can't help thinking of getting out.

But where to?

The most obvious answers are "Australia" or "New Zealand" - but these have their own problems, and investigation has proved they're not a good idea. There's the UK run - but that's also not adviseable for a variety of reasons. Back to Zimbabwe? Umm... no. USA? Won't even let you visit, never mind stay. Canada? Nope. Rest of Africa? Not.

So where?

The lands of milk and honey are long gone it seems. Every country has its problems - more so if you're a foreigner trying to scratch out a living there. There's no magic answer to the "where now" question.

Or is there? If you know of such a wondrous land, by all means leave a note in the comments...!