Cold Storage

Big in the news at the moment is the Austrian idiot who imprisoned his daughter for 24 years - and who I hope dies a slow and painful death...

At the same time there are reports of babies being found in freezers in Germany - and they've been there for many years. It's an ongoing problem in that part of the world, according to the rest of the article

On a lesser, but perhaps no less horrific, scale is the guy who froze 300 cats.

I don't know what it is with folk who commit these kind of disturbing crimes, then stow the evidence close at hand. The baby article above mentions that for some reason mothers who kill their infants tend to keep them nearby, even though they may be ashamed of what they've done. Time and time again the damning finger is found pointed right in the suspect's face - and not hidden miles away. Perhaps there's some deep psychological need to remind themselves of what they've done? To check that it's actually true? To keep an eye on the evidence instead of taking the risk of it being out there for others to find and breadcrumb back to you?

I don't know. I'm no expert on matters of the criminal mind (no matter how many evil plans I come up with). Who knows how these people's heads work.

Personally, I'd rather get rid of any evidence as far away as I can than keep it in cold storage...