Facebook Wishlist

I've been at the Facebook thing for a while now... And I'm starting to develop a wishlist of features.

I'd really like an app that allows you to stalk old boyfriends, way-back-when crushes, sworn enemies and those chicks you simply didn't get along with - you know, "watch" them without having to add them as friends. Something that perhaps comes with a geo-locater and an alert button so you can see what they're up to and escape if they get too close. As long as it's not used on me.

I'd like a mind reader too - "find everyone I've forgotten about" - perhaps something that can dig into my buried memories to remember the name of my best friend in grade 5 and seek her out. And then sift through the results to find the exact person I was after. Or perhaps go by location - in case there's someone living close by I didn't know was in the area but would have loved to connect with.

I think perhaps I've become too used to the functionality of the Web At Large - able to Google up images and information in seconds, collect all my documents/emails/data in one place, integrate nifty little things like Foxmarks to access whatever, whenever - or simply subscribe to a blog (hey - there's my stalker app! it's RSS-based!). When perfectly funtional features like Facebook turn up, I somehow expect miracles.

But hey, it's not too bad as is. Especially now that I know how to block those annoying Hotties ;-)