There are days where I'm really REALLY tired of fighting my way through each day. Where every step I take forward seems to be a slip backwards, and throwing myself completely into things yields absolutely no noticeable results. I end up exhausted, discouraged and beaten down.

Yesterday was one of them. A low point on the ups and downs road.

Today is a different story. I've found a new pattern emerging when I start to hit those lows. Or perhaps it's just a purposeful shift in perspective and priority.

When those lows drop by I let them run their course. But then I use them to my advantage to claw my way back up again. They've become challenges - as scary as they may be at the time - to go harder, faster, better and further.

Today I've come out fighting. I've got some huge battles before me, ones that I'd love to avoid - but refuse to. I'm using these challenges simply to give me the strength I need to face them head-on and come out tops. On a coffee-and-Coke fueled energy high (until I sugar-crash) I'm tackling one thing at a time, sorting it out and ticking it off. Then moving right on to get creative and find new, better ways to deal with stuff.

Of course, it would have been a lot easier if I'd remembered to bring my lunch to fuel this frenzy.. :-) Thank goodness for the half-packet of raisins in my desk drawer.