Sitting in a lengthy (and poorly-ventilated) staff meeting earlier today, I found my mind wandering, as my mind often does.

I started thinking about steps on the life journey, about goals and dreams and things I'm working toward, and where most of my energy, time and focus is being put.

And something struck me quite forcibly.

The tasks I'm not putting energy into or giving less than my best, I've been seeing as mere stepping stones. A pause on the road, a rock to leap onto and off again in the middle of the river before my path continues. I'm not spending time or energy on them simply because they're not a permanent place to be. Mentally I've already moved on.

It's that deep-seated, quietly buried perception that has determined a lot of what I've done in the last few years. Or rather, how I've done it.

This one's going to need more mental exploration... bring on the next staff meeting! :-)