Green Work

Virgin Earth (that would be me, basically) is big on green. Earth-friendly as much as possible, working to make this planet a safer and better place to be. The e-waste recycling forms part of it, as does offering free pdf-based fax2email instead of folk churning out masticated tree products with ink on. The quest for the paperless office continues!

It's all a work in progress and a learning curve - there's still a lot to be done to get where I'd like to be, but every little bit helps.

And that is tying in lately with a lot of stuff regarding work & business practice that's going on in my head. I've blogged the two-hour work day, the telework/ework/remote work (telecommute) options, the eco-friendly office choices that could be made, the crippling commute that's doing the earth serious damage, depleting the available hours in the day and our quality of life/wallets .

The fact is fuel prices are not going down, salaries are not going up to cover the rises in everything else, the earth is very quickly choking to death on what six hours of chockablock traffic do to it every weekday (in Cape Town alone) - and new options have to be found. We'd probably all be on electric scooters if it weren't for the Eskom supply problem.. :-) Unfortunately South Africa only offers the short-range model anyway, no good for those who do the long-range 100km/day run.

Then this morning I found this. The post is enlightening - the comments even more so. There's just so much in there to think about and inspire change!

OH, just go read it - it says everything. Including all the green stuff I was on about.

Damn - this post rocks too! :-)