He's old - 90 is OLD! He's had a full and impressive life. And today he turns 90.

Nelson Mandela's name and face are recognized the world over. Leaders and the average man have jostled to meet him, to speak to him, to have their photo taken with him. Yet he remains as humble and accessible as always.

His leadership has been a hard act to follow - Thabo Mbeki hasn't come anywhere close to having the same impact.

He's held up as a prime example of democratic presidency, of diplomacy, of getting things right in Africa. He did his thing - and then left the reigns to others, not clinging to power like some of our northern neighbours. The nations agree - he's a great man.

Every year's birthday is celebrated as he ages, hoping he'll still be around for the next one. This is a big milestone.

Happy Birthday Madiba.