Cape Winter

Unlike Steve, I forgot my camera at home on Friday. This of course was an absolute disaster - it was a perfect winter day in the Cape!

I was off office-job work to do a bit of other stuff, and the first item on the day's to-do list involved a trip through the Winelands in the chilly early morning. At our destination the fields were still wet with cold dew, starting to steam off as the sun warmed things up. But the journey home-wards was incredible.

We took a back road that wound past brilliant green fields dotted with white Shire horses. The mountains stood out against a clear blue sky after a week's cold-front bombardment - and the tips of the highest peaks were covered in snow. The arum lilies are starting to bloom in the damp spots. The vineyards are still spindly-empty, but you can almost feel Spring pondering its attack on their branches.

There are days when the Cape is the best place in the entire world to be. Friday was one of them.

Next time my camera goes with. For now I have a memory-wallpaper that blows my mind.