Credit where credit is due

Favourite Man is not your average bloke. He does dishes, laundry and cooking. While still remaining completely manly, of course! :-)

And yesterday he took it upon himself to gather a family meeting in the bathroom, and instruct the child in the fine art of toilet roll changing.

  • Open bathroom cabinet door
  • Remove roll
  • Start roll by finding the end
  • Remove holder spindle
  • Remove old roll
  • Dispose of old roll in bin
  • Fit new roll onto spindle (and here we got into an argument over which way the paper should roll... ;-) )
  • Fit roll into holder
To his credit, he did a sterling job of showing the kid how things must be.

Unfortunately my son coasts through life. He's bone-lazy, expects everything handed to him on a platter and throws a hissy-fit when it doesn't happen (is that normal teen behaviour or a portent of disaster?). He knows perfectly well how to change a toilet roll - he simply doesn't do it.

I guess the toilet roll is simply the tip of the paper-trail....