Goal Achievement

I've come to the conclusion that, if I'm to achieve some of the things I've set out to do, I'm going to need to do some very careful planning - and stick up for what I want to do.

Take this past weekend for example.

Last week I got a bee in my bonnet about a new project that's dying to get out. I did some background planning, then vowed to set aside an hour on Saturday and an hour on Sunday to work through fleshing it out.

Instead I ended up rushing through the weekend with my usual home-bound tasks: washing, dishes, ironing, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, changing oil filters (OK, that's not a normal one :-)), processing e-waste etc. Those were all very much needed, essential tasks that I would have to do anyway. But I found myself frustrated that by the end of the weekend, on a failing laptop battery, I'd managed to clip off a mere half hour to devote to this project.

I've realized that if I'm to do this while the inspiration is still there, I'll need to sort out how I handle my time. And not just my time at home, but my time at work too. Farting around doing nothing can't be an option - not right now.

Here's the thing. Goal achievement and dream fulfillment take time, energy and effort. Nothing's going to come easy or be handed to you on a plate. Life cannot go on as usual.

So I'm coming up with options - ones I need to stick to if I'm to make this one work without it being a half-job. I know what I need to do this, and it's time to put my mind to it while I'm still able to. I admit it's not going to be easy though. I've already got a lot on my plate, and adding a side-plate means I may need to drop the juice or ask someone else to carry it! :-)

This week is going to be particularly difficult in terms of juggling time commitments, but I'll manage. But now that I think about it, I actually may have more "unofficial" time available than I initially assumed.... it's all in prioritizing and organizing, multi-tasking when necessary and choosing what gets the most head-attention when.

I've also been pondering achieving other dreams - things like getting out and exploring the planet, or creating the zen zone that's been quietly sitting in the back of my mind for years. Those don't come easy either, but perhaps working through this one small thing will give me a preview of what I'll need to do to accomplish the other big things long-term. A sense that anything is, indeed, possible if I'm willing to put in the effort.

So here's to the goal and the road ahead. I'm hitting this journey with a really good feeling about the end result.