Now this idea I can dig! Well... actually, you don't have to.

High Density Vertical Growth. Veggies on a wall, so to speak. Perhaps a bit more technical than that though - veggies growing in pockets on a transparent sheet, stuck on a conveyor belt system for optimized light use, and fed scientifically-calculated nutrients, more like it! :-) But still - think of the possibilities... especially if you have no real garden to speak of, like I do.

Many "progressive" type companies are installing green walls / living walls in their offices and buildings. Not only are they peace-inducing, but they deaden noise, clear the air, and generally make the place nicer to live in. Add a couple tomato plants and you can even feed the workers.

When you're short on ground space (and ground!), the best way is up.

All of which are pretty high-tech if you ask me, but it's got me pondering. Why have plain old cement walls around your little plot of land when you can use a few of these, a couple bags of soil and a little natural drainage to green up the place / grow your own food?

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