Safe & Secure

Earlier this week one of our local radio stations reported that criminals have got a new tactic going - they're moving into security complexes as residents, thus acquiring access to the entire complex "legally" - then robbing people blind. It's easy enough to track the movements of everyone else who lives there, then plot the perfect time to move in.

This morning Favourite Man and I were having breakfast and pondering the day, when I wondered out loud where the rest of our TV unit was. You see, in a previous life it was a dark wood veneer server cabinet, but a week or so ago we flipped it on its side, cut off a third, added feet and turned it into a beautiful media unit. We'd cut off a 2m long plank in the process (similar to what our two-person desk currently consists of), but I couldn't remember what we'd done with it.

Well we sat there gobsmacked, trying to mentally retrace our steps. Favourite Man remembered putting it outside - but I hadn't seen it there. It certainly wasn't out the back, nor indoors. We realized that someone had bluddy well nicked the thing from next to our front door, either overnight or while we were busy elsewhere! The damn cheek!

And it's not the first time either. We had a trailer load of e-waste out the front, ready to take to one of the processors. Favourite Man ducked out for a few minutes to get something - and when he came back, someone had nicked an item off the trailer! (As it had rained the previous night, I hope they got an appropriate shock when they tried to plug it in)

Then there's they mystery of the Disappearing Dogs....

We have our suspicions. Some very dodgy folk have moved in across the way, and there's constant traffic of "unknowns" visiting them. There are other rather shady characters that hang around other areas - it's easy enough for them to gain access right through the front gate without anyone batting an eyelid.

And suddenly the security complex doesn't seem very secure at all...