The Art of Distraction

What do you do when one thing after another goes wrong and you start to spiral?

Distract yourself!

OK, I know it's not going to solve the problems at hand, but sometimes a bit of distance is what is required to find a way around the things that you simply don't know how to cope with.

This afternoon it came in the form of a chat about website design to a colleague. Took my mind off the issues at hand and had me dreaming of stuff I've been planning for a bit.

A walk out to the car in the sunshine helped too.

And scrolling the reader items usually gives a different perspective.

Talking of which... how are you going to be watching the Olympics? ARE you going to be watching them?

Wired has a bit of info for online viewing. We've got DSTV at work in the caf - let's hope we get to see something interesting and not just the usual rugby/soccer/cricket that's going constantly.

And another bit of distraction - if you're in South Africa, what are you planning to do for Women's Day? (I hear rumours of it possibly being an offroad challenge day in my household, via the one steep slope that scares me spitless.... perhaps that's called "making a man of me"? :-) )

Bit more distraction is here. For the "news" behind the news.

And finally, it's about time I distract myself with my final cup of "office" coffee for the day - I think I'll take it in the great outdoors on the balcony, where the view is more than distracting.