Oh, stuff the crisis. It's way too draining to think about all day. Time for a brief foray into other things.

So... for the record, here's a juicy bit of news (literally). This year we discovered a bearing black olive tree in the back yard of an empty residence in our complex. We persuaded the caretaker to give us access, stripped the ripe olives (as many as we could reach), and the quest was on to turn them into edible!

I'm happy to report my efforts were a resounding success. I now have a cupboard full of plump, juicy, calamata-style black olives, which we can happily eat by the handful without worrying about cost. They pit perfectly too - major bonus (there's nothing as irritating as an olive that won't pit when you stick in the olive poker thing).

I've just had my usual leftover salad for lunch. Tomato, lettuce, feta blocks and home-cured olives (with last night's leftover broccoli thrown in, then all marinated in salad dressing overnight until nice and soggy ;-) ). Damn, those olives are lekker!

Now - what can I try next?