Droop and Sag

It's a horrible shock when you look in the mirror properly for the first time in months .. and notice you're getting OLD. The kind of old that doesn't go away with a good night's rest or an extra lick of makeup.

It's the few extra wrinkles around your eyes.

The droop on bits affected by gravity.

The struggle to shift an extra kilogram and keep it off.

The greys overtaking blondes (and yes, I'm only 36, but they're all over the place!).

The realization that you've missed the deadline to be young and hot. (You were too busy with other things)

The overwhelming thought that you're turning into your mother - and it's not a good thing.

You find yourself paying more attention to ads for Olay, L'Oreal. You start to re-evaluate your stance on the evils of plastic surgery. You wonder if it's too late to aspire to MILF status, or if you should just start shopping for supportive tights and polyester tracksuits now already.

Of course, pulling an all-nighter doesn't help matters. It only adds to the eye-bags and general impression that you're a half-step from zombie mode. I can't believe I used to party all night and still get up for more.

I know I haven't been looking after myself well either. Not enough water, not enough fruit & veg, not enough rest, not enough exercise or fresh air. But yesterday it was a stunning day and I started to remember my life outdoors.. :-) Soaked up a bit of Vit D, breathed deeply, and pondered whether or not I'll actually get a tan this year.

This age thing... it's really nice to "mature", to know who you are and where you're headed, to have the confidence that comes with years.

It's a whole other matter to feel old though.