Things to make you think

It's funny how some days you get a kick up the rear from every direction. Roadsigns in neon, the universe showing the way. (Or perhaps you just notice what your headspace is tuned into?)

Today it's all about getting going in business.

First up was 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Have A Cushion Before You Quit Your Job. Most of which make a lot of sense, especially the bit about lighting a fire under your butt because you have no other choice. It's a matter of survival, and it forms every decision you make about time and effort. (Favourite Man said something similar to me recently about prioritizing how you use a computer, especially when it comes to those ever-building-up Google Reader items vs Actual Work)

Then, via a 4x4 forum, came the Thirty Day Challenge. If you're new to attempting to make cash online, it looks like a pretty interesting (free) programme, designed to give you the skills you need to get "Plan B" going. Although I've been at the online thing for a while now and am in the "further and faster" stage, I may take a look at that one to see how it works and if I can pick up some tips.

Both of these seem like really good info and advice, but here's the crunch. You can read and imagine and learn all you like, but nothing's going to work until you actually DO something. And not a half-hearted effort either, but turning your full attention to one thing and doing it well.

My challenge today, in the middle of being bombarded by inspiration and instruction, is to quit the procrastination on merely one of a number of projects - and just do it.