Is this thing on?

Indeed it is. Though perhaps the crowd has wandered away to read other blogs while I fell silent? :-)

It's been a VERY busy few weeks, and it continues. I'm snipping off a few moments to add some words to cyberspace though.

And what have I been up to? Well the cool new project I was jumping about is a day or two away from launching onto the UnterWebThingy, with a hope that it will seem as good an idea to many others as it has to me (watch this space - you'll hear it here first). Work continues at a hectic pace during "office" hours, and work at home rushes steadfastly on.

Spring? What Spring? After a stunningly beautiful day on Saturday that saw everyone out washing windows, cars, clothing and walking dogs, another few cold fronts are slamming into the peninsula, bringing gale-force wind (try driving into that with a vehicle as aerodynamic as a block of flats!), pelting rain and the very real possibility of more snow to add to the bits still hanging around on mountaintops from the last big storm. Yet there's hope... there are flowers out (when the sun shines), the arums are in full bloom, the days are lighter for longer. One of these days we'll be sweltering again and cursing the summer wind.

Talking of which - did you know I live in one of the windiest places in Africa? For someone who doesn't like wind, that's rich!

Meantime, dad arrives for a visit this weekend, Olivia the Landy is still on the road, the son and Favourite Man are still alive and kicking (each other / the dog / me / butt). So life goes on. Madly rushing forward, never dull, always with new adventures around the bend.

So.... what's news in your world?