Animal Attraction

What is it that attracts us to some people and repels us from others? Seemingly terrible folk - and we can't help ourselves. Seemingly wonderful folk - and we can't stand them. It's illogical, unexplainable, very weird.

And sometimes quite funny.

A while back I was at a ladies' event - a few hundred chicks all in one place. I was running late, struggled to get Olivia parked, and ended up walking in after things had got underway. I was guided to an empty spot by an older lady - a petite sharply-attractive woman in her 50s. Now I'm a man-loving woman, but there was an instant and very strange spark there - she kept coming up to me with any excuse to talk for the rest of the day, eyeing me across the room, which had me fascinated and more than a little amused. I've never been hit on by a chick before!

(yes, the ad below this post is kinda appropriate)

Then there's my Favourite Man - an "animal attractor" of note who regularly has women falling over him wherever he goes. He merely has to glance in their direction, they only have to sample his aura from a distance and their legs turn to jelly (seen it with my own eyes). They can look, but they won't be touching (and get away with it alive!)... Mine, chick - hands off. :-)

Sometimes it's a one-way thing bigtime - like last week while I was standing in a queue at the shops. Some bloke was checking me out, obviously liking what he saw, staring his little eyeballs out - but I had exactly the opposite reaction. Which was "yuk".

So what constitutes "attraction"? If you'd asked me back in high school days I'd have given you the "tall, dark, handsome" list every moonstruck teen has written in the back of her exercise book. Moving into my 20s and that shifted subtlely to "each has their good bits" - up to a point. Now it's a mix of gut feel and instinct, preference and connection with some hormones and soul-recognition thrown in for good measure. My Favourite Man is my perfect match - in ways I both knew and could never imagine until they showed up. Sparks? Yup. Attraction? Big-time. Gut-feel, comfort, connection, it's all there. Lucky me! :-)

But it's still fun to watch, evaluate and decipher that cave-man level animal attraction that seems to jump between random people now and then. And wonder what, exactly, it's made up of.